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Contact us if you want a painting and decorating Croydon team you can trust to perform the job well while respecting you and your house. Also, we will ensure that at Artem Painters, you can fulfill your requirements on an affordable budget. So, you are looking for a Croydon decorator?

Why us, specifically?

However, choosing a painting and decorating Croydon service may appear time-consuming; after all, any firm will offer you excellent results and a lovely home when you call them. So we thought we would show you why we are the finest team for your business, mainly because you have so many options.

Painting and Decorating Croydon

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Artem painter’s work is something we are proud of to serve Croydon and its surroundings. That’s why we suggest contacting one of our prior clients, and we will see what we can do to arrange a visit to one of our previous projects in your region.

Happy customers

Our clients are consistently pleased with the quality of our work. Many happy clients always consider us for their next project to get quality work.


We will always keep our promises when we arrange an appointment with you. You will not have to wait for us because we will arrive at the agreed-upon hour and be ready to work.

Transparent pricing

Our free, no-obligation costs will cover all your project’s costs. So, you no need to worry about cost and work.

Respectful conduct

Our licensed decorators show the utmost regard for your home. So, we will keep your possessions safe from damage and clean them daily.

High expectations

Our decorators are known for their thorough attention to detail and will always complete their work to the best degree possible. We do not scrimp on quality. Let’s talk about your painting and decorating needs, shall we?
If you live in Croydon, we can help you with your decorating project if:

  1. Give a luxury look to your home.
  2. Do you have recently relocated to Croydon and want to give it a personal touch?
  3. However, you want to make your home value for renting a home or selling.
    Require expert assistance with a demolished property?
  4. You want a tiny room to appear more prominent.
  5. Or if you wish to renovate a modest cloakroom.

Tell us how can we help you with Painting and decorating in  Croydon?

We provide a comprehensive painting and decorating service that includes:
• painting in the house
• hanging wallpaper for the exterior
Our workers of painting and decorating Croydon are glad to work on projects of any size, so if you want to add a wall to one of your rooms or renovate your house, contact us for a free talk.

In Croydon, a two-bedroom apartment has been decorated

We discovered this company. Our experts are dedicated to the work that needs to be done and what does not. Therefore, the result was excellent. Feel free to use this great find in Croydon.

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Just contact us and share your needs and requirements. Our team will arrive on time to your defined location and give you the best quote estimation without any cost, and we create quotes that will match your budget and requirement.

Flexible Team

As we have a large and professional team of painters and decorators, we can get any size of the project, small or large. Our team will arrive and start the project according to your suitable time.